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The ecodrain A1000 was chosen as a winner in the Architectural Record Record Products Awards 2014. The product is featured in the December issue of the magazine.

About the Award:

RECORD PRODUCTS, the annual competition of Architectural Record, drew more than 500 entries ranging from building materials to finishes and furnishings.

A panel of judges—who specialize in products and specification—from leading architecture and design firms  were invited to rate the products based on submissions. The products are judged by the panel on rating different criteria—from innovation to aesthetics (when applicable)and winners were chosen by  the jury on October 7th at the offices of Architectural Record.

About Architectural Record (from Wikipedia):

Architectural Record is an American monthly magazine that is dedicated to architecture and interior design. Published by McGraw Hill Construction in New York City, it is generally considered "The Record" of Architectural History.[1] Throughout its 110 years in print, Architectural Record has fostered readership among architecture, engineering, and design professionals by featuring articles that showcase noteworthy architectural works throughout the global landscape. News, commentary, criticism, and continuing-education sections outline the scope of content. Of note are the glossy, high-quality photos that accentuate the featured projects, an attribute which makes the magazine accessible to the general public as well.

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