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Precision Engineering Leads to High Performance

At Ecodrain, we’re on a mission to build the best possible drain water heat recovery systems. We’ve built hundreds of prototypes and conducted thousands of experiments. We've fine-tuned every aspect of the design, all with the aim of maximizing the performance, minimizing the pressure loss, and meeting the highest safety and quality standards. The key to saving you money is a second generation, all copper, insert into the cold water heat transfer tubes called a turbulator which boosts the rate at which the cold water absorbs heat. The heat transfer tubes are precision formed using specialized aerospace tooling to maximize contact with the inner drain line. The tubes are connected at each end with a custom designed manifold made from an advanced grade of lead free brass that is 96% copper, and brazes and solders as readily as standard copper tubing and fittings. The one-piece manifold ensures high quality brazing and leak free joints with a long life.  

Ecodrain V1000 detailed parts

Installation Scenarios:

Depending on the layout of the home or building, and the number of drain stacks in the home, there are different ways in which the ecodrain V1000 can be connected to the piping system.

Ecodrain V1000 single shower preheat shower only

The above scenario shows the ecodrain V1000 connected such that the preheated outlet leads to the cold side of the shower mixing valve only. This solution is ideal for applications in which the shower is a large distance from the water heater. Care should be taken with this scenario as the cold water heats up, the shower valve must be turned down to avoid an overly hot shower. Check with local building authority to ensure that this installation scenario is permitted in your area.

Easy To Install:

Coming soon watch our installation video and download our installation manual.


Coming soon.

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  inch inch % kW psi DOWNLOAD.pdf DOWNLOAD.cad $  


Ontario Building Code and SB-12 2017

 Starting in January 2017, Drain Water Heat Recovery is Mandatory in all Ontario Building Code SB-12 Prescriptive Paths

Ecodrain will be introducing the V1000 for January 2017 with CSA B55.1 and B55.2 certificates.

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